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I had a spare two hours (waiting for William to finish work) so thought I would create/design a few different Instagram Story Templates for myself and for you guys to use! These are such an excellent way to get to know your friends, family or loved one in a different light, using simple and silly questions that you may never actually ask. It's great for letting all your weirdness out, so get answering!

How To:
1. Simply save/download or screenshot these templates to your mobile device
2. Open up your instagram app
3. Click on the camera icon to the left of the screen
4. Click on your gallery (the little square preview on the left of the flash button or simply slide up
5. Select the template you wish to play with
6. Start circling or typing/answering!

I have come across a few different Instagram Story templates but wanted to create my own with my own branding and questions that I would love to know about you guys! 

What are you waiting for!? Start sharing your answers/secrets! Tag me @irenaclare as I'd love to see what you guys choose/write!

If you would like me to design others with different themes or editions or questions then please shoot me an email, comment or dm me!