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Irena Masters

I started freelancing back in second year university and have continued growing my clientele and experience ever since. Five years later and I still continue to get asked the same question, 'You're so lucky! Is it amazing being able to work from home!?' I thought I would write a quick blogpost on a few of the pros and cons I have encountered in my time working in bed.. I mean at home. For those of you who are thinking of maybe changing to the bedside... I mean the darkside then this is for you!


1. You can stay in your pyjamas all day!

2. You can work from basically anywhere... like literally. I work from my bed, lounge, kitchen, at the beach, in the car (as the passenger, I don't recommend driving and designing), 35,000 ft in the sky (airplane, I don't recommend skydiving and designing either), and even on the go (designing and running through the airport with my laptop in my palm to try get to our gate before it closed, yes that happened last week). Oh! and occasionally in my own office/study.

3. The flexibility! You don't have to work the 9am-5pm shift, if you have a nieces birthday starting at 2pm then you can make it! Just schedule your work later in the evening or if you need to squeeze in a quick gym session then go for it. 

4. The ability to throw on a load of washing, or ironing, or cook whilst waiting for things to load or for emails/feedback is a huge advantage.

5. No commuting! Unfortunately I do contract out to a few different companies that require me to be in office some days however, I definitely take advantage of the days where I don't have to drive anywhere! That extra hour a day is definitely noticeable.

6. You can dance around and play music loudly without headphones or even have your TV on in the background.


1. The hardest part of working from home is sitting still and not going to the fridge every 5 mins for delicious snacks... 🤦🏻‍♀️

2. If you're not good at self-control or organisation then it can be very difficult to focus on the task or job at hand. I know some of my friends who are freelancers sometimes struggle to stay on the correct webpage and end up roaming multiple youtube channels for hours before realising they started on a "how to fix exporting error in InDesign?" to "Is it true that Selena and Justin Bieber are back together?" that example was actually me... it was a Friday. 

3. I always feel like I'm on call, or that I need to respond to emails or messages asap even if my client has sent me something at 1AM in the morning. It's sometimes difficult to find the separation between work life and personal life. When William get's home from work normally around 7PM I always have to say to myself "come on shut your laptop and don't open it again until tomorrow morning'. 

4. I miss the banter and 'team' environment. Although, I am hiring an assistant/graphic designer soon, so that will be fun! I guess I'm also lucky cause I do get to work in some of my clients offices, so I get a bit of interaction and at least get out of the house a few days a week!

5. I absolutely hate it when people think I don't work... I average out at about 45 - 50 hours a week and yet always feel the pressure and scrutiny just because I'm not in an office full time.

That's just a few that pop into my head. I would love to know some of your pros or cons or any questions you guys may have, so please comment below or send me a quick message on the gram! 💁🏻‍♀️

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Wearing the Hague Blue Short Pyjama Set I can honestly say it was difficult to leave the house knowing that I would have to change...



Irena Masters

The New Year is a time where I normally like to internally reflect on the year that's just passed. It is more or less arbitrary when the end of the year starts or finishes but because this is the most common rhythm marked by the calendar, I always find it a good time to assess parts of my life. This year I thought I would do something different by typing my reflection down and sharing with you all instead. I like to think about all of the positive gains that I should appreciate and feel grateful for and about the missed opportunities or down times that occurred. Basically I like to recount the good and the bad of the past year. By reflecting on the past I feel like it helps me learn from my experiences and allows personal growth.

It's actually so hard to believe that twenty-seventeen is over. 2017 was an extremely eventful year for William and I. Not only did we purchase our first home together but we also got married! These two milestones brought us so much happiness! Although, if I'm honest it also created a lot of stress throughout the year. Not stress in our relationship but more so stress from the planning and organisation parts.

It has all been hectic to say the least! Everything from signing legal contracts, buying a house on the same street as our closest friends, moving out, moving in, purchasing furniture, building furniture, decorating, changing address, visiting my dad in New Zealand, multiple camping trips throughout the year (Mount Barney, Mount Tambourine, Big Riggen Park, Flanagan Reserve, Camp Somerset, Bluff Creek, and Noosa Everglades), going on our first cruise, attending our close friends wedding in New Castle, going to our first concert together, attending my mums annual Chamber of Commerce function in Melbourne & Sydney, having our Hens & Bucks Parties, having a bridal shower (no, that's not when everyone helps me shower), planning a wedding, learning to dance (for the wedding), getting married, planning a honeymoon, going on our honeymoon to the Maldives & Dubai, slowly changing everything I own with my new surname, going to Los Angeles and Vegas to work with my best friend (and managing to miss our returning flight), losing friendships, gaining friendships, after 5 or so years of visiting multiple doctors, specialists, naturopaths, and dietitians we finally got a diagnosis/results back for Wills stomach issue and can finally begin his treatment, multiple Byron Bay trips to spend time with family, and all the chaos in between, has been craaazy. 

I wonder if this year will be anywhere as insane. Either way I am up for the challenge and so excited, but before I start planning and scheduling this years events I wanted to come up with some goals for Twenty-Eighteen. 


Continue library nights. William and I decided to start little library nights at home. Before we go to bed we turn off all electronics and read for 30-40mins then discuss what we just read/learnt. I'm really enjoying this not only because of the knowledge gained but also cause it allows me to switch off before bed. 


Start this Blog and continue it. I love sharing experiences with others especially if it can provide little bits of knowledge to someone else. So many blogs have helped me with our adventures, situations, and projects so I thought it may come in handy to someone who also is doing or wanting to do similar things. I also love the idea of being able to re-read memories and moments.


Be active at least 4 times a week. I started working out roughly 5 times a week a couple of months before our wedding, and not only did I see changes in my body, but I also felt like I had ten times the energy both mentally and physically. Good health is important and I want to move my body more and nourish it with fresh food but I also don't want to obsess over it and just want to have a good balance. 


Be more patient and slow down. I'm so bad at this. I am literally on the go 5AM - 9:00PM and as soon as something at work or at home slows me down, I tend to get a little snappy. I hate sitting at home on the couch even if it's for 5mins. I am always wanting to do something. I need to stop and take a breath, sit and relax without thinking about what I should be doing, and allow things to happen more naturally.


Don't worry and think positively. I’m a pretty positive person already and tend to always see the good in a bad situation, but when it comes to what people say or think about me, I sometimes let it worry me too much. I need to learn to accept their opinion but not let it change or get to me. 


Stress less. This sort of links to number four. When I get busy with work or at home I need to take a step back and see the bigger picture.


Work hard. I still want to continue to progress and do more projects and work with more clients but manage and balance it better.


Travel and backpack around Europe. I absolutely LOVE travelling. I haven't been back to Europe since I was in primary school. So I am so excited to tick this off my list, William and I have already booked our flights we just need to go!


Say "I love you" every single damn day. I already say this to William every day without fail, and I definitely won't be stopping anytime soon. A lot of the time it's easy to assume that your loved ones know that you love them, but I think it's important that they hear it. 

I’m sure I could think of loads more goals, but then I would not be following points number four or six! So I will leave it there. I love the new year it's the time to bring balance into our lives and look at all the positives that override the negatives. Happy New Year to you! Please let me know your goals in the comments or via Instagram msg @irenaclare I would love to know what everyones are.