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Irena Masters



William and I purchased our very first house well over a year and a half ago. This house has quickly turned into our home. We have already had so many amazing memories in each area. The entrance however, is a significant part of our home. Not only is this space the first thing our guests will see upon arrival but, it’s also the space where we come home to everyday, where we share our goodbye kisses and welcome home leaps. It’s important to us to walk in and immediately feel a sense of organisation, gratification and feel… at home. An entrance is a small preview on what’s to come. It provides an instant atmosphere and gives insight or an idea into who may live there and what themes are at play.

The design, placement and style of your entrance can have a strong effect on the look and feel of your entire home. You know what they say…


Although, I don’t necessarily agree with this saying, I do however, believe that there’s no better place to start styling your home than the entry!

So, if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration or visual food for your entrance then here are a few snaps and 5 of my tips that were used to create this look.


IMG_2171 2.JPG


This tip is very straight forward - let that natural light in! Open the blinds or curtains and let it shine. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a sense of wellbeing and it’s a mood changer. Lighting also gives the illusion of space which in turn may make your entrance look slightly larger. We’re quite lucky with natural lighting, our door has large frosted window cutout and our Sun Room is diagonally across from our entry, so we are never short of a little bit of sunshine.



In our entrance I have incorporated both real and artificial greenery. William and I have an abundance of fresh rosemary around our home (I’m talking 6 huge bushes that range from 2 metres tall to 3.5 metres - crazy) so I am always trimming these back. Rather than just throwing these parts out, I arrange them in a vase to add that touch of life/colour and the scent is always a plus! I read that the smell of rosemary actually increases and enhances your memory. Can anyone confirm? Although I’m not sure why but Will and I always manage to forget what dates dinners are booked in for haha. Another huge plus of using rosemary is the maintenance, it slowly dries out but doesn’t flake or make a mess. It also turns into a beautiful green-grey which I absolutely love as it goes perfectly with our walls (all painted white with different shades of grey).

On the second wall to the right of the door, I have placed a vase with some gorgeous artificial white roses. We bought these for our wedding and had a whole bunch left over. They look almost real and actually even feel relatively similar to a rose petal. White roses are quite pricey so the option to have artificial ones is always a plus.

Living or artificial blooms/plants will breathe life into your home and take your space to a whole different level. If there was enough room (actually more like, if Will agreed to. He thinks that we have enough throughout the house) I would probably purchase more potted plants and have them displayed next to the furnishings to create more of a vibe.

TIP - on top of this tip!
Don’t forget to style your plant or greenery with a little bit of love using pretty vases, pots, and planters.


Adding a piece of artwork or a cluster of arranged prints to your wall or console will ensure your entrance is unique, positive, welcoming, and warm. I wrote out and then designed two large prints that showcase a nicely written personal paragraph that relates to Will and I. I then framed both and hung them above our console. This added more height to the room but also still achieved the simplistic and clean aesthetic we were going for. Here are a few other beautiful prints that I have been absolutely loving and may work in your space.



It’s important to figure out a balance between visual aesthetic and practical usage. An entrance to a home is also an area where you often have shoes, handbags, mail or keys. With Will and I being quite OCD when it comes to clutter, I knew I had to take this into consideration. So the hunt for furniture to do the job but still look appealing was on. We purchased a mirrored shoe cabinet/drawers and boxed inserts became priority for our eight square shelving. Having a place for all your everyday items avoids a messy situation. Not only is the usage of a storage console functional but if they suit your theme then happy days!

TIP - on top of this tip!
If you are thinking of purchasing a shoe cabinet/drawer make sure you measure the drawers and know your partners shoe size…. Will’s abnormally large shoes have to go in horizontally, oops!



Last but most importantly, decor. Decor is what makes your space unique to all others. Decor doesn’t equal expensive - you can find items to suit any budget and still look quite amazing. For those of you who know me well, know that I love finding a bargain. Most of our decorations throughout our home are DIY items (for example the little white mirror was purchased in parts and originally was actually a metallic brass colour), the antique books are from an op shop that I brought back to life and are both surprisingly good reads. Another great way to add some dimension and atmosphere to your entry is through the use of candles and infusers.

If you have any other tips please comment below or direct message me on instagram, I always love hearing other amazing ideas!



Irena Masters

I started freelancing back in second year university and have continued growing my clientele and experience ever since. Five years later and I still continue to get asked the same question, 'You're so lucky! Is it amazing being able to work from home!?' I thought I would write a quick blogpost on a few of the pros and cons I have encountered in my time working in bed.. I mean at home. For those of you who are thinking of maybe changing to the bedside... I mean the darkside then this is for you!


1. You can stay in your pyjamas all day!

2. You can work from basically anywhere... like literally. I work from my bed, lounge, kitchen, at the beach, in the car (as the passenger, I don't recommend driving and designing), 35,000 ft in the sky (airplane, I don't recommend skydiving and designing either), and even on the go (designing and running through the airport with my laptop in my palm to try get to our gate before it closed, yes that happened last week). Oh! and occasionally in my own office/study.

3. The flexibility! You don't have to work the 9am-5pm shift, if you have a nieces birthday starting at 2pm then you can make it! Just schedule your work later in the evening or if you need to squeeze in a quick gym session then go for it. 

4. The ability to throw on a load of washing, or ironing, or cook whilst waiting for things to load or for emails/feedback is a huge advantage.

5. No commuting! Unfortunately I do contract out to a few different companies that require me to be in office some days however, I definitely take advantage of the days where I don't have to drive anywhere! That extra hour a day is definitely noticeable.

6. You can dance around and play music loudly without headphones or even have your TV on in the background.


1. The hardest part of working from home is sitting still and not going to the fridge every 5 mins for delicious snacks... 🤦🏻‍♀️

2. If you're not good at self-control or organisation then it can be very difficult to focus on the task or job at hand. I know some of my friends who are freelancers sometimes struggle to stay on the correct webpage and end up roaming multiple youtube channels for hours before realising they started on a "how to fix exporting error in InDesign?" to "Is it true that Selena and Justin Bieber are back together?" that example was actually me... it was a Friday. 

3. I always feel like I'm on call, or that I need to respond to emails or messages asap even if my client has sent me something at 1AM in the morning. It's sometimes difficult to find the separation between work life and personal life. When William get's home from work normally around 7PM I always have to say to myself "come on shut your laptop and don't open it again until tomorrow morning'. 

4. I miss the banter and 'team' environment. Although, I am hiring an assistant/graphic designer soon, so that will be fun! I guess I'm also lucky cause I do get to work in some of my clients offices, so I get a bit of interaction and at least get out of the house a few days a week!

5. I absolutely hate it when people think I don't work... I average out at about 45 - 50 hours a week and yet always feel the pressure and scrutiny just because I'm not in an office full time.

That's just a few that pop into my head. I would love to know some of your pros or cons or any questions you guys may have, so please comment below or send me a quick message on the gram! 💁🏻‍♀️

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