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Irena Masters


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and every year I always get stuck when thinking of what sort of gift I can surprise Will with. Guys can be pretty damn tricky to shop for. So I thought I would do a little research and jot down a few options. So If you’re coming up short in the idea department, you’re in luck, cupid gave me a little help and I was able to select 7 V-Day gifts for your one and only, or your two, or three, whatever floats your boat. So scroll down and check out the love list, I have written links below for each little idea. 


1. Willie May's Necktie, $77
Every man needs a tie in his life, this red, ivory purple and orange ikat tie is made of 100% Organic Cotton. Perfect gift for your man.

2. Byron Bay Gifts - The Relaxation Remedy, $99
All men need to feel pampered sometimes! I know for a fact Will would LOVE this. Such a cute gift hamper that includes a variety of different premium shaving products. All Valor products are made from natural ingredients, free from palm oil, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulphates and preservatives, which is a big tick in my books. Also included in this bag of goodies is a few Sanctum products, moisturiser and face & body scrub. Out of everything though I think Will and the majority of men out there would probably appreciate the Byron Bay Cookies the most! 

3. MONTBLANC Meisterstück Cufflinks with Montblanc Emblem, $300
These cuff links are just so damn beautiful. They timeless and can be worn with absolutely any suit. Made out of stainless steel so you can be assured that they will be around for a long time. 

4. Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Trunk Pack of 3, $99.95
You can't go wrong with some underwear! I swear Will goes through 10 pairs of underwear every month!  All girls love a bit of Calvin Klein on their man so this pack of three is the way to go - Finished with the brands iconic waistband in 3 different colours, Calvin Klein's cotton-blend trunks will instantly update your mans essentials.

5. Happy Socks - Key to My Heart, $16.95
The name says it all! These are just way too cute for Valentine's Day. Plus side too is they have unisex sizes, so I'm seriously considering getting myself a pair! Not sure how Will is going to feel about figuring out who's is who. We currently have one shirt that is the same and oh gosh it's rough sometimes - there was one time where we both turned and noticed we had worn the same shirt for the same event on accident. It was hard to convince him that I had chosen to wear it first! 

6. Ben Sherman - Booklet Trifold Leather Wallet, $89.95
I love this wallet so much not only does it have a coin pouch but it also features an i.d window sleeve. This wallet won't break the bank (another pun intended).

7. Otto Brisbane Six Course Seafood Degustation for Two, $195
You know what they say, the key to a mans heart is through the stomach. Feed him silly. Treat your taste buds as well as his to an unforgettable dining experience. This would of been a MUST HAVE for Valentines Day with Will, but because of his strict diet at the moment he won't be able to do this, I guess I will just have to take my mum!

What are you gifting the man in your life this Valentine’s Day?!